He landed in Modagua! Real Espana beats Real Sociedad and punches a ticket to the league, handing Honduras Progreso a “hand”


Two penalties were converted Ramiro Roca They have given away four points in their last two games Royal Spain Highly motivated by positions Up to the semi-finals of the Central American Cup, League and Clausura 2023 competition.

This Wednesday, amid a great hubbub Champions LeagueMachine received Real community In a rescheduled match for the 12th day of this league match.

led by Mauro Reyes They came from beating success in Togowa, but today they needed to add a win that effectively saved them from being relegated to the second division.

– sports activities –

“Palomo” Rodriguez surprised Arinegra before kick-off by sending young players Anfronid Tatum and Marco Acetuno into the starting XI.

“Oilers” played a good first half, in which he only missed the goal. Tester drives Monico “Chaptilla” Mejia crazy on the right wing. The winger knocked on the door after 5 minutes, after a powerful and cross shot that was clawed out by Bupa Lopez.

The first clear of the locals came up to 26′. Ramiro Rocca, leaving two men on the road, burst into the area and finished across, but Cesar Oseguera crossed brilliantly to send home the corner kick.

Machine One had two plays before the end of the first half, but Marcos Allen went big and made both plays on the edge of the half.

– fill in –

“Palomo” Rodríguez understood the process of the game and in the filling phase he sent jewels Roberto Osardo and Tarikson Vulta to the field.

In the 55′, the under 17’s sent a cross to the far post where Allen released the ball, Rocca picked it up and sent a wonderful assist to Vulto who faced the goal. However, the former Victoria failed horribly to send the ball over the opponent’s goal.

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In the second half, Real España were already on top. Channel player Marcos Allen bravely stepped into the area to “Chapetilla” Mejia, but a whistle against him was signaled in favor of the arrival by Nelson Salgado.

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Ramiro Rocca cashed in on Tangi’s check in the 65′, firing a left-footed shot into the right side of the Real Sociedad goal to make it 1-0.

Towards the end of the match, Diego Reyes had a chance to equalize with a cross from Samuel Posandez; ‘7’ connected with the head, but the ball kissed the crossbar of “Buba” Lopez.

– Classification and Degradation –

Real Espana achieved three objectives tonight: rise to fifth place in the Clausura, add 22 points, reach fifth place, get relegated to Motagua and, coincidentally, punch a ticket to the league.

Real Sociedad practically says goodbye to the playoffs, but maintains a four-point gap over Honduras Progresso in the accumulated table.

– Game Data –

(1) Spain: Luis Lopez; Getzel Montes, Franklin Flores, Alejandro Reyes, Jove Benavides, Ramiro Rocca, Claudio Inella, Marco Acetuno, Gerson Chavez, Carlos Mejia and Anfronit Tatum.

Objectives: Ramiro Rocca (65′)

Yellow: Claudio Inella, Gerson Chavez, Roberto Osardo, Ramiro Rocca and Franklin Flores.

Red: Not there.

TD: “Dove” Rodriguez.

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