How was the Liga MX 2021 final? When are the matches?

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The teams that will play for the title are limited Opening in 2021, Two historical figures starring in a film Unprecedented final in Liga MX, Both excellent history but without the reflection of others. Atlas vs Leon It will be a series that will throw away its champion League, Second and third in the regular phase they matched points (29) with a superb goal difference for Guadalajara (+11 to +6).

It is worth noting that the competition rules refer to it The finals will definitely take place on Thursdays and SundaysSo, on December 12, we will meet the new king of our football, who will receive the Cruz Azul crown.

How do Atlas and Leon get to the Grand Final?

Atlas | It was 2nd in the general table Proud of excellent defense, scoring only 10 goals against. Of the 21 games currently played, their greatest strength is that they have dropped their target to zero in 12 of them. On Rhizos came out on top in the quarterfinals And inside The semifinal was imposed on Poomas, Is favorable to the position in the table in both cases.

The lion | It was 3rd in the general table In the first match he coached in Mexico with Ariel Holan, a Argentina with a past on the benches of a sport like field hockey. On Bubla exited in the quarterfinals Total 3-2 and inside The Tigers were sent off in the semifinals With the scale of the position in the table.

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Results 2021 | Official dates and timings

The end of Ida

  • Leon vs Atlas
  • Arena: Now Camp de Lyon
  • Date: Thursday, December 9
  • Table: 21:00 (to be confirmed)

Fold end

  • Atlas vs Leon
  • Arena: Jalisco
  • Date: Sunday, December 12th
  • Table: 19:00 (to be confirmed)

Where to watch the Liga MX finals?

  • Leon vs Atlas | Ida Final will be televised by Fox Sports; On Half the time there will be minute to minute online transmission.
  • Atlas vs Leon | Ida’s finale will be televised by TUDN and TV Azteca; On Half the time there will be minute to minute online transmission.

Pioneer of Atlas-Lyon in 2021

Atlas 2-0 Lyon | They played on the 10th of September and the Foxes won Notes by Anderson Santamaria and Diego Barbosa, Which means three wins in a row at that time.

How many titles does the Atlas have?

One: The Guadalajara Atlas is the only time in the past year that he has been a champion in Mexican football. 1951So their most popular animation team nickname is Barra 51. In fact, this is the first time the Foxes have hosted the second leg of the final at Jalisco Stadium.

How many titles does Lyon have?

Eight: In 40s and 50s, Fierra won four national football titles. They had to wait almost four decades to celebrate again 1991-92 season With the advent of short matches they add three more stars: Opening 2013, Completion 2014 and Guardians 2020.

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