The integrated transportation system will be a new business and tourism hub

Santiago de los Caballeros.- The Central Station (SIT) of Santiago’s Integrated Transportation System (SIT) will be the heart of the city’s new business and tourism hub, carrying around 59 million travelers a year, guaranteeing a sustainable business and tourism movement to the Heart City. Business and Business Center.

The station has been developed as a business hub with a mix of entertainment venues, restaurants and other service alternatives, which will enrich the visitor experience under a modern integrated operating system.

This information was released during a meeting of Santiago’s Integrated Transportation System Engine. Look around: How does the movement positively affect tourism growth in Santiago? With Gladilaida Pereyra, President of the Santiago Branch of the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (ADOMPRETUR), with the participation of Omar Beantini, Head of Business Management, and Frinet Rodriguez, Head of Communications at SIT.

“The system will have most of the airstrips, allowing tourists to admire the city from one perspective, from the cable car cabin or from one of the monorail cars. It is the only one of its kind in Central America. Moreover, it is a unique experience at a low cost in a sustainable way, ”said Byandini.

Similarly, Byandini stressed that the system is designed to connect the various tourist attractions in the city with tourists and visitors coming to the city.Mirador del Yac, monument, historical center Among other places. “In this way, we are strengthening tourism incentives such as business and health tourism in Santiago, integrating the urban tourism system with the roundabouts of the city’s tourist routes. Medellin and Bogota in Colombia “.

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At the same time Gladys Lazarus Adomprator From the use of traditional cars as part of Santiago’s iconic images to the first in the New World, to what this new and modern move alternative is, Santiago explored what is meant by movement for the province. City of Sibena.

“We are working with a variety of companies to transform Santiago from a tourist destination to international demands, from Adombretto Santiago. In this sense, we as a city must be open to the changes and improvements we need and deserve. The modern transport system forms an essential pillar.

About the Santiago Integrated Transportation System (SIT)

Frinet Rodriguez, who is in charge of communications at SIT, described the benefits of the system, which includes 4 operating modes: Cable car, monorail, bikes and a feeder track Buses directly affect 500,000 passengers, carrying more than 200,000 passengers a day, for a total of 21.5 kilometers between monorail and cable car.

The Santiago cable car will be a system Aerial cableway It will fly over congested areas and allow it to integrate marginalized sections along the banks of the Yac del Norde River, affecting 122,000 citizens on a 6.5-kilometer route, moving 4,500 passengers per hour in each direction, equivalent to 72,000 passengers a day. . “We will cross the river at two points, connecting people with their work, study and recreation areas, improving the quality of life and rejuvenating the city,” Rodriguez said.

The monorail will have a mass transit axis capable of carrying 20,000 passengers per hour with its own ownership, guaranteeing the express route for users accessing the city center.

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“Monorail is 15 kilometers away, with 14 stations, which, in their design, will enhance urban spaces and function like the central station, enhancing Ciudad Corazon’s excellent business potential. Where SIT’s main link and monorail and cable car systems converge,” he stressed.

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