Giovanni Dos Santos is emerging as America’s first reinforcement

Against all odds, May de los dos Santos will be the first signature of Dano Ortiz for the 2022 Liga MX opening ceremony.

Geo Dos Santos is about to live his second phase in the United States
© Figure 7Geo Dos Santos is about to live his second phase in the United States

The beginning Opening in 2022 Of MX League And this Stove football He is all that He gives. United States His preseason is about to begin and it has been announced The first reinforcement of Fernando Ortiz There can be no more or less Giovanni dose Santos.

Over the last few days, it has come to light that he has a lot of opportunities Opportunity for the eldest of the two saints For Will emerge in friendly matches. The rumor was confirmed today, Sunday.

According to journalist Julio Ibanes TUDNGiovanni Will be part of the dispute resolution committee Preseason For the next championship. Mexico’s best performance training with the U-20 in recent months seems to have filled the eyes of the staff, with which he may be the Eagles ’first contract.

Because this information is amazing Many fans would have thought that the first hire was Julian Quinones. Paul Solari Or the kings of IsraelBut Giovanni dos Santos has his hands on them.

All of this will be confirmed or denied in the coming days, but everything will refer to Geo Living in its second phase With the United States, it is expected to be necessary to earn the 14th Liga MX title.

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