“Kidnapped? She's detained”: Diostado talks about Rocio San Miguel case

Deputy of the National Assembly, god given hair He again accused political prisoner Rocio San Miguel of “planning to kill Nicolás Maduro and Freddy Bernal.”

During the broadcast of his program “With the Hammer Giving”, Chavismo's number 2 referred to a statement published by Volundat Popular, in which he rejected the kidnapping of San Miguel, which Cabello committed to. “She wasn't kidnapped.”

“Popular preference rejects the kidnapping of Rocio San Miguel, it says here. Yet, Being kidnapped? She is detained, And she, because she was involved in the plans, among others, they planned to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro and the governor of the state of Tachira,” he noted.

In his opinion, he said, human rights defenders “believe themselves to be untouchable”. “They are criminals It receives money from foreign governments through NGOs,” he said.

“DD's bodyguards came out. HH., but Freddy has no rights, the President has no human rights, Don't we have the right?” He questioned.

It is worth remembering that it has been almost two weeks since the activist was caught at the country's airport when he tried to travel abroad in the company of his daughter. El Helicoid has been seen only once as a spectator since the day of its capture.

After making the same complaint about his abduction, heHe expelled members of the United Nations (UN) Technical Office in Venezuela. This is because the Maduro government expressed its displeasure over allegations of human rights abuses in San Miguel.

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