Google Maps has this secret to rotate the map and find the best route

Rotating the map allows more intuitive navigation to suit the user's actual orientation needs. (Google)

Google Maps has a feature that is overlooked by many users Possibility to rotate the map for more intuitive navigation and adapted to the needs of actual guidance.

This cycle function is especially prevalent when Explore urban areas or follow directions While driving, it allows the map view to be adjusted to align with the user's current perspective and direction.

Rotating maps can provide a better navigation experience in Google Maps. (Google)

Not just fixing Facilitates identification of signs and understanding the direction of roads, but also reduces confusion behind the wheel, helping to anticipate curves and changes of direction more efficiently.

to Rotate Google Maps On a mobile device, users must:

  • open Google Maps app on a mobile device.
  • Select the region You want to use this function.
  • Place Two fingers on the screenGently rotate to adjust the map orientation as desired.
  • If they collapse fingers inward, Enlarges the map.
  • When you slide fingers outward, The map will be enlarged.
The desktop version of Google Maps lets you rotate your map for better insight. (Google)

Similarly, a similar effect can be achieved by using the desktop version accessible through web browsers Satellite view and view with globe.

This requires:

  • Go on Google Maps website Open the service app from your favorite browser, or if you have installed the service app on your computer.
  • then, Click the button Layers At the bottom left of the screen.
  • In the small menu that appears, select More option.
  • Once there, activate Globe and satellite view.
  • The map view will change and everything in Google Maps will be real, and most importantly, there will be one Small compass in lower right corner On screen, i.e. maps can now be rotated.
  • Then press and hold the key Ctrl Click anywhere on the keyboard and on the map. Then, drag the cursor in the direction you want to rotate the map.
  • An alternative is stress Small arrows rotating around the compass In the lower right.
This adjustment possibility provides a more realistic and personalized perspective of the environment. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvik)

As an extra tip, if you want to use Google Maps in landscape modeYou can enable automatic rotation in the settings of your mobile device.

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It is also possible to activate this option by selecting the application Profile photo icon Then click Settings, then click Navigation Settings.

Once there, select Keep Map North and on the Navigation screen, North always points up.

Download a map in the Google Maps app for iOS, step by step. (Google)

The platform has an option specially designed for users who do not have a fixed mobile data connection and are available For iOS devices. To use it on iPhone or iPad, you need:

– Open Google Maps app.

– Make sure Must be connected to the Internet And not in incognito browsing mode.

– Search A place or country.

– Place name or address appears below, and press And click on the three dots optionLocated at the top of the screen.

– Click on Download offline maps feature.

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