This is how you can find out if your Android phone is silent

Sometimes, because the work world or family requires speed, complete and long meetings do not exempt, the cell phone must remain silent, risking to be forgotten somewhere without realizing it.

For this reason, it is important to know how to quickly locate a cell phone in order not to lose the most important means of communication with friends, family and colleagues, as an emergency can occur at any time.

If you’ve lost it, forgotten it or can’t remember where you left it, the following steps can help you locate your cell phone, according to ‘Support Google’:

– On a desktop or mobile device, enter a browser and navigate

Sign in to your Google account Related to lost phone.

Select the lost phone Over the side barrier.

A loud bell begins to ring, Even if the device is in silent mode. It will play for five minutes. You can mute the sound once you see it.

– This application allows you to see roughly where the mobile device is on the map, especially in a large area.

If you can’t find it or it’s permanently lost, you should do the following:

Lock the device: Lock the device with PIN or password. If you don’t have a lock option, you can create one. Add a message or phone number to the lock screen to make it easy to return your device to you.

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Remove device: Permanently removes all data from the device, but may not remove content from SD cards. Once this is done, you won’t be able to use Find My Device.

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