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There are two versions of the messaging platform for computers.

As many applications have already done, WhatsApp has its application for PC users: WhatsApp Desktop. In the case of people who want to use WhatsApp on their computers, they can choose the web version and the desktop version. What are their differences? We will describe them below.

Note that the web version is older than the desktop version. The big difference between the two is that the web version must be used in a browser, while the desktop version must be downloaded and open a navigation site.

Functional features of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop

The way to log in once WhatsApp is open is to scan the QR code they show from the mobile version to unlock WhatsApp on your computer. And it works the same in both programs.

Features such as calls and video calls are currently only available on the desktop.

You can view status updates on both the web and desktop, create rooms, create new groups, go to settings, view archived chats, or exit.

Other information

  • WhatsApp desktop can only be installed on computers running Windows 8 (or above) or MacOS 10.10 (or above).
  • The desktop version can take up memory space, so be sure to check it out PC capacity and remaining memory.
  • In both cases WhatsApp will send notifications, but in the desktop version they will be done independently in the Notification Center, while on the WhatsApp web they will come with browser notifications.
  • If you need to make calls or video calls, you should use the desktop program.
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