The vote explodes and gives NY its 8th consecutive victory

NEW YORK – The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota doubles 10-2 on Friday, including one home run, four wins and four RBIs.

Voyt combined his career best record with his third-best four-game game, and the Yankees’ best run of the season, with eight wins.

The vote came three days after leading player Aaron Cat, the leading league home run leader in 2020, was ordered to keep the cat in line. Voight said he deserves to play like three-time All-Star and Anthony Rizo, who was bought from the Cubs in July.

At the time, Vote was on the disabled list.

Rizo returned this week after missing 10 days for Kovit-19. However, he took night leave.

Vote improved with the bat in Risso’s absence, and he continued to burn. He has scored .523 (21-11 in his last six games with three homers and 11 RBIs).

Rookie Charlie Barnes (0-3) He scored two runs in the first inning. In seconds he hit another solo, in the fourth he made a double contribution and in the seventh he hit his home run between the right field and center.

The victory went to Cuban Nastor Cortez (2-1).

For the doubles, Jorge Polanco 4-0. Venezuela’s Luis Arris 4-1, Williams Astudillo 4-0.

For the Yankees, the Venezuelan odor is 4-0. Dominican Gary Sanchez 4-1.

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