They transfer a soldier from America and Tigres to a maximum security prison

J osé Andrés ‘N’, The player is the follower America And TigersHe was transferred to prison in Nuevo Leon on Saturday night Apothecary He filed a complaint in Monterey.

The harasser found himself with a judge issuing arrest warrants for threats and sexual harassment against Tigers football players reported in recent months.

He is expected to receive his first hearing in the coming days for a possible link to the process of the 23-year-old who allegedly sexually harassed players of Liga MX Femenil.

Renata Maschiarelli revealed the deception to a follower

Renata MasciarelliExporter Women USA, He started a message on social networks to share how they found the house and the harassment from Jose Andres ‘n’ side.

through the platform TikTokThe goalkeeper pointed out that the raffles were based on how they got the information to identify the attacker and hand him over to the police.

“Several months ago I did a raffle for a reason. In this raffle, a person approaches me to buy a number of numbers, which is normal up until that point. If you engage someone in conversation and show you their ticket, you agree to start a conversation. Usually ‘I like you’, ‘You shirt.’ When you can’, but because this account was different, it should continue to talk about the situation of the abused woman.

“We decided that this way we could get information, we got his phone number, his identity, his account number, we sent all this to the police, the victim knew all along. The raffle came, since he bought a bunch. Numbers, he won one of the shirts. I say to him: ‘You have won one of the prizes, where should I send it to you?’ This person insisted on seeing him in person.”

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Football player Pachuca Thanks to that raffle, how they notified the victim, who lived at the same address, and how they were able to move him after some time, allowing the police to arrest him months later.

“When she sends me the address, she sends me the victim’s address. I send it to her, and I tell her: ‘I think she’s here.’ She sends me more photos, and we identified that it was inside the apartments, the alarms. Everywhere, from this there was evidence of a violation of the injunction, but the law (complicated) is here,” explained Renata Masciarelli.

Renata Masciarelli reveals how they identified American soldiers’ predators

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