Vigo electric scooters are taking up space

The VigoVMP Association met yesterday, together with the Spanish Federation of Personal Mobility Vehicles (Fevemp), Fun way to claim to support the application for approval July 10th is International VMP Day. VMP users chose this date because it is the birth of Nikola Tesla.

This day was celebrated in Vigo From Praza do Rei to Samil, Take advantage of the Camelias and Castelao bike lanes. This road was open to all types of small vehicles, bicycles, sledges and any other green means of personal transport and was intended to reflect the current diversity of streets for different types of transportation and recreation, as explained by the Vigo Association. At all times, security measures were complied with to comply with the municipal ordinance regulations (reflective clothing, helmet, civil liability insurance…). In addition, the association has made several VMP models available to those interested in this type of transport so that they can test them during this route, both at the point of departure and at the point of arrival.

For VMP associations, VigoVMP members explained in a statement, it is It is necessary to “educate and educate the community about the real change in the daily mobility paradigm, Because VMPs relieve traffic congestion and reduce the speed of vehicles, especially daily commutes in big cities.” They guarantee that personal mobility vehicles are “the most compact, versatile, safe, silent, manageable, gentle and non-polluting electric motor-powered solution,” hence they decided to honor Tesla by By selecting his date of birth as the day of the VMP World Cup.

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who attended the march during part of it.

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