Video: ‘The Iron Lady’ takes the podium at the Juárez fair

City of Juarez.- Owning the stage, Maricela, a stunning and immortal beauty, delighted the border public that was presented to her on the final day of the Juárez 2023 fair.

A night of wins and more wins was the result of a fruitful career that began 35 years ago when the California translator rose to fame.

“The Iron Lady” took to the stage at midnight at the fair located on Avenida de los Torres, where hundreds of fans were already waiting for her, and she didn’t stop singing for the two hours the show lasted.

With excellent accompaniment from a highly integrated orchestra, the blonde sang “Y ahora de vas,” the first of many to be played in concert by Marco Antonio Solís.

She continued, “Alone with my loneliness,” and then took the opportunity to congratulate the people of Juárez who answered her call.

“How is my lovely commoner from Juarez? Kisses to all. I love you,” said the singer.

Later, during an evening of memories and confessions, she shared that Marco Antonio Solís had taught her many things, “and that’s why I’m an Iron Lady now.” He performed one of his biggest hits.

With “Totally Yours,” the public was still captivated by her voice and figure in a tight green dress.

“If they ask me what’s my favorite, I’ll tell them this is it, and I’ll have my iron girls with me to sing it to the man,” she said before releasing “My Problem.”

The night continued between songs and love songs. Marisela showed technique and natural mastery as she interpreted “Enamorata y Herida”, “Antes de de Vias” (El Buquial) and “El Chico Aquel”.

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She sang “Si quieres verme llorar” by Lisa López – she has been singing since she was 12 years old and has already sung “Me caí de la nube” by Salino Sánchez and “La basurita” by Beatriz Adriana with Norteño accompaniment. .

The concert wouldn’t have been complete without the obligatory songs like “I Can’t Forget Him” ​​or “Without Him”. Fortunately, “The Iron Lady” excels at singing them.

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