This AI-powered influencer makes hundreds of dollars a month and has over 40,000 followers.

Kimochii generates monthly income through exclusive content like fans only on paid sites. (Kimochi)

A revolutionary project demonstrates how Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the boundaries of online content. A graphic designer, who now prefers to keep his identity a secret, brought him to life KimochiA A virtual influencer It quickly became a phenomenon Digital platformsAmassing over 43,000 followers.

This female character born in the summer of 2023 with a profile focused on sensual content represents a breakthrough in creating images. Artificial intelligenceBut it has also become a source of income for its creator.

His journey began with a passion for Image creation Created by AI Kimochi After he was notified of his layoff, he found a potential source of income in this project. “I'm interested in how AI image generation works, creating landscapes and mimicking comics and manga styles,” said the designer. Business Insider.

Decision to guide Kimochi Towards sensual content arose from the idea that this type of material would become more profitable: “Everyone knows that sexy content is the easy way out.” to monetizehe said.

Kimochii, while not a real one, has become a digital phenomenon with over 43,000 followers. (Kimochi)

The role of Kimochi He was able to make up to “300 or 400 dollars a month” by publishing transparent content behind paywalls on sites like Patreon And FanSimilar to this Fans only. However, the designer admits that he feels uncomfortable when he has to interact directly with his followers.

Kimochi It became more than a project for its creator: “He's like my baby now. It has some kind of life to it. “He has a past and a birthday, just like a real person.”, he agrees. This personal touch led the designer to invest significantly in the development of personality and imaginative life Kimochi, scheduling visuals and posts to keep followers engaged. Sometimes, when ideas are in short supply, he enlists the help of his wife, who is fascinated by the technology behind the project.

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“I spend a lot of time wondering if it's going to be at the beach, at the pool or at the theater. You have to work hard to keep people interested with new locations, new poses and new topics. Sometimes you're in front of a blank page and you're like, 'Oh my God, what am I going to say?' You think so.

While monetizing Kimochii presents challenges, especially due to the transparency of its artificial nature, the designer stresses the importance of communication and response to his fan base as the key to better monetization. (illustrative image information)

The creation process Kimochi This is not only a technical challenge but also an artistic exploration, in which a delicate ethical balance must be navigated. The creator is aware of the ethical issues of the practice AI with images of real people, but defends its work by explaining that the AI ​​is fed by a wide range of content, meaning “it doesn't create an image of a specific real person.”

Relationship with the audience is another important aspect that the creator needs to manage. “Monetization is best if you talk to people, interact and respond to your fan base,” he admits. However, to be honest about the artificiality Kimochiresulting in limited interactions.

According to the creator Kimochi Difficulty monetizing due to transparency about artificiality Influencer. “Maybe because I'm clear it's a AI In username and bio instagram, followers understand that he is not a real person,” he explains. “Even though I didn't make much money Kimochi, now I am very involved in his life. “I want it to live on,” said the designer.

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