They arrested an executive who transported chicken in a garbage truck in Havana

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Diez de Octubre government released an official statement this Sunday regarding the replacement of chicken meat in garbage carts in Havana, Cuba.

The viral video was shared by Independent Media this Friday Cuban newspaperThe prosecutor’s office led to an unidentified leader being sent to temporary prison.

“On July 7, 2023 at 7:00 p.m., it became known through various complaints from the citizens of the Jesús del Monte Popular Council, an unfortunate event related to the transfer of a chicken destined for sale published on 10 de 1163. The Municipality of Octubre, located at the intersection of Pocitos and Delicias Streets, of the Social Services Agency “Information received revealed that the transfer of chicken was carried out in a collector truck,” an official statement said.

“Representatives of the business subsidiary, the director of the UEB and the manager of the unit were immediately summoned to the municipal committee of the party. In the analysis, the investigation carried out jointly with the leadership of the government in the municipality, the manager recognized the commission of this action and its seriousness. The unit also argued that there was a break in the transport taken to change the chicken, which was the first transport that passed prompted the exchange to continue.”

“Considering violations of health regulations and prevention of infectious diseases, creating the framework of the crime of spreading infections, as well as violations of health regulations established for food transportation and safety, we continued to implement. The complaint of the person concerned was filed for the crime of spreading infections, as a result of which the prosecutor’s office temporarily suspended the administrator as a precautionary measure. ordered to be detained”.

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“At this time the facts are being examined by the competent bodies. In addition, administrative measures of a regulatory nature were adopted with the director of the UEB, resulting in a lack of control and inspection in the transfer of products to the final destination. ,” concluded the press release of the Municipal Government of Diez de Octubre.

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