They discover carbonic acid in space, which is essential to life

Recent news indicated that specialists have found carbonic acid in the space, A necessary ingredient for life.

If you want to know what that discovery was like, keep reading, because below we’ll tell you all about this related fact.

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at recent days , Spanish Center for Astrobiology CAB discovered the first interstellar molecule containing three oxygen atoms.

From this discovery, it will be possible to understand interstellar chemistry and its role in the emergence of life.

The origin of life on planet Earth has been the subject of various theories, discussions, and questions throughout history.

The previous discovery could mean a great step to understanding all of these theories more precisely and revolutionizing the subject.

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What is carbonic acid?

It is acid from Carbon Dioxide Also known as trihydrogen tricarbonate.

Some of its properties are that it is a liquid, odorless, unstable, and easily degradable into water and carbon dioxide.

Although there are theories about the possibility of this acid being found in various components of Solar SystemSo far there has been no evidence.

It is believed to exist on the icy moons of Jupiter and Mercury and even on the surface of Mars, but its existence outside Earth has not been proven.


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