They introduced the 100-peso bills at the Cayo Santa Maria Festival

Controversy surrounding the Cayo Santa Maria festival continues to grow, with a video coming to light in which one or more individuals can be seen throwing 100-peso bills at spectators.

A video taken by a witness and shared on the Instagram account of user un_martitodurako8_live_oficial shows several youths running and trying to get money.

“Share, look at the runners, they are throwing 100-peso bills, the community members who came here to blow up Santa Maria, are throwing all their dollars here to exchange for 100-peso bills. Look at the city…”, said the author of the post.

Although it is a small amount (100 pesos is less than 50 US cents), the crisis in Cuba is so great that many people do not hesitate to start looking for a bill on the floor.

The incident occurred when he sang during a performance by American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine living legend, He premiered the theme with Cuban Lenier Mesa March, and whose The video clip was shot in Pinar del Rio.

In one of the highlights of the event, Degashi dedicated a few words of honor from the stage to Lenier Mesa, who traveled to Cayo Santa Maria but did not sing at the ceremony.

“I love that Cuban with my soul. He’s here but he can’t sing for reasons,” 6ix9ine said.

Throwing money at his fans is a hallmark of the American singer, who often thanks him on tour.

The two young men made the pledge during a visit to Cuba last February They impersonated him and threw $100 bills In front of the luxurious Packard Hotel in Havana where he was staying.

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The event drew hundreds of Cubans who gathered from early morning to get exclusive pictures of the artist.

A video shared on networks showed youths running to get tickets. The police tried to disperse them through loudspeakers and strengthened the security of the hotel.

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