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This coincided with AILA’s runway repair schedule

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August 21, 2023

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Dominican Airports in the 21st Century (Aerodom) explained that it was Flight 1471 of the airline United Airlines Canceled due to late arrival of the plane at Las Americas International Airport (Ella), which coincided with the closing time of the landing strip undergoing repairs.

Irodom explained that this is why the airline decided to cancel its flight last Friday because it arrived late at Las Americas International Airport, where the runway is undergoing renovations.

The company, which owns six major national airports, said in a statement that repair work on the runway had been coordinated months ago with airlines and other operators in order not to affect passengers.

“What happened with this operation is that United Flight 1471 from the United States Newark International AirportAnd United StateIt was delayed in its arrival date, and this coincided with the closure of the landing strip due to the work being carried out,” the company also expressed in an explanatory memorandum it sent.

The company that owns the concession indicated that the surface works were carried out to remove the asphalt layer since April 7, from 12 midnight until 5:00 am, when the flight operations through the airport terminal stopped.

“What we are doing is renewing the asphalt on a total area of ​​54,000 square meters, with an investment of more than $3 million,” said the Aerodom executive.

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He said that after the work to replace the surface layer is complete, new asphalt will be laid and the electrical system for the track lights will be reinforced.

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