The wait is over! Eduardo Antonio finally shows his face after cosmetic surgery

The big day has arrived! Eduardo Antonio She has finally shown the results of her cosmetic surgery to all her followers.

Undoubtedly, this is the moment that the artiste’s fans have been eagerly waiting to see change her image.

DeVoe assured His first public appearance It would be on a national TV show, and he chose “At Home with Telemundo.”

However, in recent months he took to networks to send a good message to everyone who knew about his health.

“I already know that many people want to see me again, I’m back with a new face, more energy, more happiness. The bad times are gone, now comes music, smiles, life,” he promised.

“To everyone who prayed for me, to everyone who sent me a good thought, and you, my audience, are definitely the reason I exist. We will see each other, we will always see each other, because I carry you. Here, in my heart.” , El Tivo said.

Eduardo Antonio’s video on Instagram unleashed waves of praise in the comments: “How beautiful! You Ken!”; “Ah, what a good doctor made you beautiful”; “You’re more beautiful than ever”; “But it’s beautiful”; “You were beautiful”; “My God but what beauty”; “Cry that the beautiful tea is lost”; “Well, I see you looking beautiful, different, spectacular, natural without any changes. “Good thing you came back soon.”

Everything points to the wait being worth it as accolades poured in for the artist. However, there are still more surprises, because next November 5 he will return to the stage A show in style And With luxury guests.

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