Louis Miguel refuses to sing at the wedding of Canalo Alvarez and Fernando Gomez

Mexico City. – Sal “Canelo” Alvarez Married Fernanda Gomez It was held at a special place on May 15 at a civil ceremony Poontha Mita, Nairid.

One of those invited to sing at the show My Lafarde, But the rumor spread that the Chilean couple would be the second choice, as they would have heard on the first occasion Louis Miguel.

According to the account InstagramSamonic3Who told the details of the ceremony, “The sun“He turned down the opportunity to sing at his wedding.”Canello”, Who called him with all charges and expenses.

Why did Louis Miguel turn down the opportunity to sing at the wedding of “Canelo” Alvarez?

In the media, reasons for rejecting the opportunity to sing at a wedding Saul Alvarez Y Fernanda Gomez They are not yet clear, but it has been ruled out that the Mexican boxer’s fortune is worth it because it is for money. $ 140 million.

However, according to The Herald, When they put forward this project “The sun“In singing at the wedding, he responded immediately.”No.”.

Louis Miguel is expected to sing at the religious ceremony in Saul Alvarez

Religious ceremony on May 22 Guadalajara Jalisco, With the presence of the best artists, it is expected Blue Angels, Cinalon Music Band “El Ricoto“It simply came to our notice then Manna Live until next Saturday evening.

According to “Samonic3”, Louis Miguel He will also refuse to attend the event, which has caused a stir among fans because it is well known. “The sun“Y Saul Alvarez They are good friends.

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