Verstappen on Chico’s maneuver: “He should have left space”

The days have passed and for many the memory of Chico’s abandonment Mexican Grand PrixAfter attempting an almost impossible pass in the first corner of the first lap. The Mexican started the race strong after starting from fifth place, and Before taking the first turn he was tied with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

The Mexican attempted to turn right on the outside of the track and ended up making contact with Leclerc As a result, the Mexican RB19 exploded. There the Mexican’s career ended disappointing thousands and thousands of people at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez, although Chico Pérez later explained that he would try the maneuver again if faced with a similar circumstance because If he had achieved that, he would have been in first place.

Chico Perez at the Mexican Grand Prix / MixSport

“Chico should have left a little more space.”

Chico’s maneuver was criticized in both the national and international media, and The Race, a British media outlet that had attacked Chico on several occasions, considered… That the Mexican driver does not have the level to be in the best team However, Max Verstappen said he understands his teammate’s maneuvering, especially since he understands his presence at home.

“I understand that because it is their home Grand Prix. Chico wanted to get on the podium, and I completely understand that he turned from the outside “And try to take the initiative.”The Dutchman said, according to Marca, who considered that the best thing was to press the brakes and leave space to take the first corners behind Leclerc.

“Looking at the pictures, I guess I could have left a little more spaceBut on the other hand, if it had worked, it would have been unbelievable.” commented Verstappen, who won the Mexican Grand Prix for the third year in a row. “I think that It was an emotion of wanting to be on the podiumThis time, unfortunately, it did not work.”

Chico Perez at the Mexican Grand Prix / Photography from the track

Verstappen only saw a car flying

Verstappen, who started from the third box, He positioned himself on the inside side and came out wide of the first curve, So he wouldn’t be able to see what happened.

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“At the time, I didn’t really see much, at one point I just saw a car flying through the airBut then I saw the pictures after the race and “I saw he was Czech”said the three-time champion.

After the Mexican Grand Prix, several rumors began to circulate about Chico’s future at Red Bull, something that actually happened throughout the season. This time Fernando Alonso appeared To replace the Mexican in 2024While the Mexican will go to Aston Martin, Spanish journalist Antonio Lobato has confirmed that there is nothing between Red Bull and Alonso.

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