The trick to improving your concentration and productivity while working on the computer

Set priorities to improve productivity and remove notifications (REUTERS / Emily Elconin /)

Repeated and on-screen notifications are the best enemy of concentration. Therefore, in order to combat distractions and improve productivity, it is important to disable announcements, at least periodically.

In a hyper-connected world that demands immediate characterization it is true that this can be a real challenge, but the key is to install small windows of time in which only one thing at a time can be done and distractions become quiet.

The first step is to establish the tasks you want to do during the day and give each one a period of time depending on what you request and its priority. This is important when creating this project, so take the time to respond to chat messages and emails. Let it be a function given a specific location.

Once this is done, it is important to look at how long the moment of silence lasts to perform tasks that require high concentration: it can be an hour, 40 minutes or whatever. It’s good to start small. Now yes, the technical part is coming: How to mute interruptions coming to the computer?

In Windows

Concentration Assistant in Windows 10, also known as Do Not Disturb on older versions of the operating system, helps you avoid distractions when you need to focus. This option can be configured to activate automatically in certain situations, or it can be manually enabled or disabled.

How to implement it

Enter “Concentration Assistant” in the search engine located in the lower left corner. Doing so will enter the configuration menu of this tool.

Concentration Assistant in Windows 10
Concentration Assistant in Windows 10

There you will find different options. It can be configured without viewing any notification or only those in the list of preferences, which can be edited to suit the needs of the user. In turn, automatic activation can be installed in a specific time slot.

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It should be noted that once the concentration mode is complete, the user can see a summary of what happened when this tool was activated.

And Mac

In the case of the Mac, don’t bother with it equally. If this option is enabled, users will not see or hear notifications, but they will be stored in the Notification Center so that they can be reviewed later.

How to implement it

In the Mac menu bar, click Control Center and click the “Do Not Disturb” icon. It will be enabled until it is disabled. For example, you can set a specific time limit of one or two hours.

Do not bother by pressing and holding the custom key while clicking on the date and time in the menu bar, or by pressing the “Do Not Disturb” key if you find a line of functional keys on the keyboard.

What about cell phones? The same slogan applies to mobile slogans on laptops and desktops: announcements of silence. Much Android What IPhone They have a hassle-free option that allows incoming notifications to be disabled and only allows you to receive calls to avoid a real emergency.

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