The variant B.1.617 identified in India has already spread to 44 countries

(CNN) – Variation of Govit-19 First identified in India It has spread to 44 countries around the world, threatening to undermine global progress in controlling the epidemic. Variant P1.617 seems to be driving the second wave of paralysis in India that killed 4,205 people on Wednesday alone. In February, however, India appeared to have brought the epidemic under control, as daily cases had dropped by almost 90% since the peak of the first wave. How did this variation get out of control?

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday identified the variant identified in India as “worrying”, which means it can be diagnosed with other indicators, more communicable, more serious disease, unresponsive to treatment, immunosuppression or no standard tests.

The role played by this variance in the resurgence of cases and deaths in India is doubtful, the WHO said on Wednesday, explaining that other factors, such as mass religious and political gatherings, may have also contributed.

WHO rating That should come as no surprise to critics of the PM Even experts have come under fire after Narendra Modi and his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), staged several election rallies to attract thousands of people and advanced on the planet’s largest religious pilgrimage last month. Warned that this could lead to a deadly increase.

The WHO noted that “the exact role of each of these factors in increasing the prevalence in India is not well understood.” Meanwhile, the Indian uprising has devastated major cities, and hospitals have run out of oxygen and medicines. And the dream seems inevitable Destructive scenes They are now destroying the whole nation. In rural states and remote villages, there are fewer doctors and clinics, so the poorest people in India are fighting for their lives.

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Southeast Asia accounts for 95% of cases, 93% of deaths, globally 50% of cases and 30% of deaths in India, but there are alarming trends. In neighboring countries.

Variation B.1.617 extends beyond the borders of India. The United Nations, which is set to take its “biggest blow” to normalcy by dropping most of the controls caused by the epidemic next Monday, has reported a high number of strains outside India, according to the World Health Organization. When asked about the variation on Monday by UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty, he said, “We don’t know if this will cause significant problems in the fall.” Meanwhile, in the United States at P.1617, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to classify it. “Variation of Interest”, But they noted that this ranking could be increased or decreased based on scientific evidence.

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