The SpaceX rocket will fly over Cuba

New rocket Starship, designed SpaceX For missions to the Moon and Mars, it will fly over Cuba, according to a test flight program provided by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Following the launch in South Texas, the company said the starship will fly over the Gulf of Mexico, South Florida and Cuba. SpaceX, In a statement released this Friday regarding this unmanned orbital aircraft.

After orbiting the Earth in a 90-minute flight, the rocket will return and fall in a controlled manner. Near the Hawaiian Islands, according to the FCC announcement.

This rocket is made of steel and is the height of a 16 storey building, which is owned by the company in conjunction with the superheavy booster. Elon Musk, Which has already conducted tests with Starship prototypes, including a successful landing last week.

SpaceX It collects all possible data during the flight to evaluate the input dynamics and behavior of the spacecraft, in an aircraft regime that is so difficult to accurately copy on an aircraft, on a computer.

At the time of writing, neither the Cuban government nor civil aviation has commented on any information. Starship In Cuban airspace; Y SpaceX He also did not provide details about talks with Havana for his project.

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