Fiorentina vs Napoli (0-2) Series One Day 37; Summary and Objectives

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One and a half feet in the Champions League! A golden victory taken by Napoli when they went to Florence this Sunday. Chuckie Lozano’s team won 2-0 and will face UCL next season.

In a tough and locked crowd in the first half, a second exit and a goal would change the fate of the scoreboard.

First, at 56 ‘, goalkeeper Drakowski was sent into the area for a foul. The penalty was taken by Lorenzo Insine, who found the revenge when he missed it but opened the score with a good definition.

From there, everything was easy for Katuzo. Pierrentina did not take much risk for their goal, and they dominated the time and scoreboard at will.

At 67 ‘, Vanuatu’s own goal increased the difference and buried when the viola was the best on the field.

Harving Lozano entered at 77 ‘, and although he had two good overflows he could not look as accustomed as he used to.

With this victory, Napoli reached 76th place in Serie A with 76 points and 75 points for Juventus and Milan, but the latter was one game short. Helles will have to beat the sky on the 38th while hosting Verona and they will be in the next Champions League.

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