The municipality has converted a garbage dump into a neighborhood meeting and entertainment area – Municipalidad de Salta

Following the urban social integration policies of the mayor, Betina Romero, the municipality converted a landfill in the neighborhood of Juan Manuel de Rosas into a new square.

It is a space on a bridge that has been used for years to remove all kinds of rubbish. This point was identified by the residents of the region as a priority for the solution, as it is an infectious source for families, in addition to its harmful environmental impact.

That is why the municipal teams got involved in the problem. In a joint effort with the community, progress has been made in eliminating the landfill. After that, they continue to cement the neighborhood meeting space, sports and recreation.

In this way, an equipped arena and a football field for children and youth were created. This space, already enjoyed by local children, has toys, seating, demarcation, lighting, trees, and trash cans.

“We finished the river defense work with another work also requested by the neighbors to complete this social and urban integration, a new arena with quality games and sports spaces such as goal fields, which the neighborhood football teams are already enjoying.” said the Undersecretary for Social Promotion, Inclusion and Disability, Jacqueline Cobos.

He later added: “These works show what we define as a real policy of social integration. And that the mayor, Bettina Romero, has known how to devote herself at the local level, always betting on improving the quality of life of those who have been neglected for decades.”

Yanina Gatica, a neighbor of the place, highlighted that defense work allows them to feel more protected and thanked them because for the first time they had a place: “We are happy, for us the mayor’s administration, Betina Romero was flawless who managed to improve our reality. It was the strongest flood in It was 2020, we were knee-deep in water, we didn’t have access to any basic services and ambulances couldn’t get in either.” And I continue: “The mayor understood our situation and promised to support us, he really honored us very much. Today we have river defenses, accessible streets, services and a beautiful yard for our children. They are facts, not words.”

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A comprehensive social approach to the municipality in place

Since the beginning of the administration, a neighborhood service center has been opened in the neighborhood, facilitating the municipality’s proximity to the community.

This office allows families to get information, consult about doubts and workflows, and do paperwork. In this space participatory situations have also been implemented and a community garden can be created, where neighbors are trained to be able to replicate techniques, care and harvesting in their own homes.

In addition, progress has been made in the first phase on water and sanitation connections for more than 300 households. Likewise, streets were opened at points that neighbors would not have been able to reach.

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