The Cuban Electrical Union announces a possible blackout in November due to maintenance

While the river sounds… The Cuban Electrical Union (UNE) has announced maintenance and, therefore, power outages in “critical production units” for the month of November.

Lázaro Guerrera Hernández, UNE’s technical director, said CubePad Thanks to the work carried out on the national power system in the last weeks of October, people were not affected by the lack of generation capacity.

“However, several maintenance activities are expected to be carried out at critical manufacturing units this November, hence, damages may occur,” he said.

Guevara Hernandez confirmed it This November 1st the CTE Guiteras unit went out for scheduled maintenance About 72 hours. then, It’s Felton’s turnIt will take action Ten days maintenance.

To achieve the stability of SEN, the expert assured that “the government has allocated foreign currency to obtain the necessary resources” to allow for maintenance on thermal and energetic units in September, October and November.

In this sense, “we had good coverage in September and October (except when there were fuel shortages) due to inconsistent main maintenance and the impact of temperature.”

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“During the months of October and November, a consumer can expect a power outage of about four hours every three days,” the UNE director reiterated.

Likewise, “Machine 5 in Mariel, 1 and 3 in Santa Cruz and 6 in Navitas are under maintenance,” he said. However, in these cases, he said, these were “short-term measures to address the major problems in these units using the resources available in the country”.

“We have been able to detect major defects on time and have reduced unexpected departures due to breakdowns,” he told the aforementioned media.

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Once again, the power board president assured, “We are hopeful of reaching December in good condition based on ongoing work at thermal power plants.”

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