Netflix will reward people who watch more content without ads

For every three episodes watched, Netflix users can enjoy one ad-free. (Alexander Heinl/dpa)

After a year of implementing their plan with ads during viewing sessions movies and series, Netflix Add in the year 2024A new version of its most basic program, it will have an additional feature: reward users who watch consecutive episodes on the platform.

The announcement by the company mentions that users will get a gift chapter Ad free for every three consecutive views. By doing this, you can retain more of the adoring audience Evidence The amount of visible content consumption is minimal in experience Top subscription.

“After watching three episodes in a row, users subscription You can watch an episode for free Advertising“, refers to the site. After completion, the cycle of consumption will resume and after viewing the seventh episode, the eighth will again be ad-free.

On the other hand, advertisers Netflix They will have the opportunity to sponsor titles and live content on the platform. It will be updated with the possibility to show QR codes The specials in each advertisement provided in the application will be limited to this moment only Supporters Inside America.

A user joins the Netflix platform, which faces a complaint from the OCU for “cheating” consumers. (Eduardo Parra / EUROPA PRESS)

As a way to add new advertising options, companies can advertise at specific times throughout the year, so each local holiday in the country has a different type of advertising. Advertisers. This last option is already active in 2023, although it is established that it will begin to be available to all territories and countries from the year. 2024.

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Although these properties are special Advertisers, Netflix It also pointed out that it will improve the capabilities of advertising agencies when tracking marketing metrics. Advertising It will be displayed to the users so that they can learn more about the impact they create on them.

“All these things Updates They help create a better experience for our customers and members who are fans of TV shows and movies. Netflix“, promised the company, which is currently improving its profitability by implementing projects AdvertisementsOne-time subscriptions and account blocking He shared.

Reddit users pointed it out Netflix It informed them that their devices could no longer access the app’s services and that it stopped working without warning, but sent them through their connection. Support page.

The Netflix logo. (Corbin Davenport/Netflix)

Some of those affected are known to be console-like models Play Station VitaBesides Play Station TV (its version for television). Some Blu-ray player models are among those that have lost access to the service.

Generally, Netflix It has not released a statement specifically identifying the device models that will no longer be able to access its app, but estimates that these are at least 10 to 14 years old, particularly some products from brands such as Toshiba, Samsung or Sony televisions.

However, Bureau PlayStation 3 It’s compatible even when it was launched in 2006, so the age of the device isn’t the only thing taken into account. Image resolution provided by the Service may be higher than that of devices no longer accessing the Service.

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For its part, a special website was launched ( in which each user can learn which models support the current characteristics of the service. Netflix. This style can be electronic devices Chromecast, etc.; Televisions, video game consoles, Blu-ray players, cell phones, tablets and computers.

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