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Putin told the Business Council that the invasion was a “necessary step”, according to the Post.

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On February 24, the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin met with some of the country’s richest businessmen. Washington Post. Of these guests, 14 are classified as billionaires and own key industries in the country: oil, gas, banking and chemicals.

Putin told a group of businessmen that the invasion was a “necessary step” and warned of possible sanctions against Russia in the wake of the attack in Ukraine. Mail.

“However, despite their relationship with Putin and their position within Russia, many of them They have been moving their wealth out of the country for years, The documents show, ”the release says. The U.S. newspaper explained that more than half of the participants are affiliated with foreign companies that have handled transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars, either directly or through a close relative, who have made financial investments or created family trusts.

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“At least 21 participants in that Kremlin meeting, or their relatives, owned property in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus or other island known for tax breaks, according to documents previously issued to the Kremlin. International Federation of Investigative Journalists”, Says the article Mail. This time, the Post talks about the period from 2007 to 2018.

Pandora Papers The investigation, which was attended by hundreds of journalists from around the world, revealed financial secrets that politicians, artists, writers and businessmen had for years with tax breaks.

  • As we explained This article, It is not a crime to keep a company at a maritime border or tax haven. However, the top secrecy and tax breaks in these regions have allowed some customers, many of whom are millionaires, to allow tax evasion, money laundering or concealment in their countries.
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Why Release the Post Key?

Journalists explained, “The The proliferation of assets on Putin’s invitation reflects the extent to which businesses at the peak of the Russian economy have diverted wealth outside the country and relied on secret deals that make it difficult to monitor transactions.

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Here is another key issue: How do some traders manage to avoid Western sanctions after the invasion? “Even if it was created years ago for other purposes, maritime companies can circumvent the latest sanctions adopted by Western countries,” the Post explained.

  • உண்மை A fact: So far, the EU has been working on a sixth set of sanctions, including a timetable for the gradual withdrawal of Russian oil imports and a warning to its member states to end Russia’s gas supply. Not to mention the new ones affecting the financial sector, “there will be more Russian banks from Swift,” said Joseph Borel, head of European diplomacy.

Although the Russian president has publicly linked the use of foreign companies to tax evasion, former CIA analyst Julia Friedlander explained to the Post, “Putin allows his inner circle to use state-owned and state sources of funding.

Who attended that meeting?

Here are some of the people who attended the meeting in the Kremlin: Their companies appear in the Pandora Papers:

  • Former US President Lukoil Vakit Alekberov resigned from the company last month amid British sanctions, according to US sources. Newspaper.
  • Andrei Akimov, chairman of Casprombank, Russia’s third largest bank: He owned at least eight companies based in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Hermann Greif, head of Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, said: “With assets of more than $ 54 million, the Pandora Papers show, he restrained a maritime trust with the companies within it,” the article said.
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