That’s how Bad Bunny celebrated at “Brunch” by being part of Spotify’s Billions Club

World Renowned Urban Lecturer Poor rabbit He’s celebrating by adding another of his musical themes to the platform’s Billion Club for listening to music via streaming SpotifyBy entering a playlist with songs that have crossed the 1 billion stream mark.

This is the single “Tití Me Preguntó” with which he recently surpassed reproductions in January 2023. With this achievement, the artist – Benito A. Martinez Ocasio – Makes history by getting 12 songs in the Billions Club. No other artist has achieved this.

To celebrate, he was invited to a “brunch” with friends and colleagues, all of whom were smartly dressed..

“Today we treat ourselves to a billion brunch. Raise a glass to @badbunnypr for his 12th song #TitiMePregunto which has reached over a billion views. Episode 3 is out now,” Spotify posted. Along with a video that captures what the experience was like, the Puerto Rican artist chronicles the successes he’s had on stage over the past three years.

“I feel so grateful that you all have been a part of my success. So, cheers!” said the multi-award-winning artist as he raised a glass to a toast with his colleagues, those with whom he worked and who were a part of his success.

“Celebrating the success of my music on Spotify 58 billion streams. I felt the excitement of this song now having a billion streams when I first got 5k plays. For me, it’s great to know that there are people out there who want to listen to and enjoy what you’re doing”. He said while surrounded by about 10 to 12 friends, including music producer Dainy, who can be seen in the pictures.

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“It’s impossible to summarize the story of ‘Dity Me Pregunda’ in 10 seconds, it’s a life, love and romantic life that cannot be explained in 10 seconds. What I’ll explain in 10 seconds is that it’s a very spontaneous song born in the Dominican Republic, where Mac was soaking in the pool while I was making the rhythm and trying to write it, and there’s all the people I’m referring to. Real life. Nothing I say in that song is a lie, even the ‘I want to love but I can’t’ part.”He insisted.

He said this when he was romantically linked to the American model in recent months Kendall Jenner. Will he love or not?

Although some aunts come to his mind, he loves them all, he loves them all, he does not want to mention only one aunt, because others will be jealous, so it is better to avoid conflicts.

“My family is very important, 100 percent. Not everyone who doesn’t believe in you is because they don’t want you to succeed, because not everyone sees what you see. Not everyone has in mind what you can achieve. But, thank God, I have my father and mother who have always believed in me, not only in music but in every decision I take in my life.The living singer added, smiling as he spoke.

Finally, he ended by thanking everyone who spends time and time listening to his music. “So thank you so much for being a part of this and may my music continue to reach you with the same love it always has,” he said.

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