WhatsApp: How to use new fonts for your statuses

WhatsApp added new ways to highlight texts in statuses. (X: @WhatsApp)

WhatsApp has added new ways to customize our statuses. In particular, now we can use more fonts, play with more colors and highlight the text we write on photos or videos. This feature is available on iOS and Android devices.

States in Share it The feature allows users to share photos, videos, text and GIFs with their contacts 24 hours a day. After this period, the content will be automatically deleted.

You can change the highlight colors. (WhatsApp / X: WhatsApp)

Follow these steps to use the new WhatsApp features:

1. Go to 'Messages' and 'My Status'.

2. Take a photo or video with the white circle or select from gallery by sliding up.

3. With content open, select the 'T' in the top right corner.

4. Write the text.

5. Choose the font found below. Next, select the text and use the color bar on the right to highlight the color.

6. Press 'OK' and submit your status.

Font and highlights may have different shades. (share)

On WhatsApp, you can control who sees your statuses by setting privacy settings. You have three options:

  • My Contacts: All your contacts can see your statuses.
  • Apart from my contacts…: Select the contacts you don't want to see your statuses.
  • Share only with…: Select the specific contacts you want to share your status with.

You can choose the option that best suits you from the level privacy settings in the app.

If you share your WhatsApp status with only one person, only that person will be able to see it during the time it is available (24 hours).

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Other contacts will not have access to that status or will not be notified of its existence. You can check who has viewed your status in the WhatsApp status section where a list of views appears.

You can configure who sees your statuses in privacy settings. (share)

In WhatsApp, in addition to status privacy settings, you can configure the following:

  • last time: Who can see the last time you were online (everyone, my contacts or nobody).
  • Profile picture: Decide who can see your profile photo (Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody).
  • Information: Choose who can see your profile information (Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody).
  • Read receipts: Enables or disables read receipts (the popular blue “double check”). If you turn them off, you won't be able to see if others have read your messages.
  • Contact blocking: You can block specific contacts from sending you messages or viewing your profile information.
  • groups: Decide who can add you to groups (Everyone, My Contacts, Except My Contacts…).

These settings allow you to have more control over your privacy and how you interact with your contacts on the Platform.

WhatsApp has various options related to privacy. (share)

There is no live notification that tells you if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, but there are some signs that suggest it:

  • last time: You can't see the “last time” they were online or their “online” status.
  • Profile picture: You cannot see their updated profile picture.
  • news: Messages you send to that person show only one check (message sent) but a second check (message not delivered).
  • Calls: Voice or video calls are not completed.
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These clues aren't conclusive because the person may have changed their privacy settings to avoid showing their “last time” online, profile photo, or read receipts. Or no internet connection at that time.

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