Google Chrome integrates a new tool to find out which tabs are using the most RAM: Here’s how you can enable it

If you’re a North American company browser user, check out this interesting feature.

Chrome wants to encourage energy conservation in web browsing.

Without a doubt, Google Chrome It is one of the most popular browsers in the world. This allows you to use extensions to block ads or install digital certificates in Chrome. Now, one New feature It displays relevant information on your screen, facilitating faster and more fluid navigation.

The power of information with a simple movement of the mouse cursor

If you regularly work with Google Chrome, what you have encountered is common Slow down Not just his own browser, but the operating system itself. In most cases, the offender has a first and last name: RAM.

And if we use too many programs, apps or services at the same time, we demand more from our device. Chrome is available A function called Memory SaverThis will help you to manage The Eyelids Even if there is a very interesting new tool, you are not using it.

You know, you have a choice in the Google browser Move the mouse pointer to each tabA to express Preview What is displayed on the selected web page. However, the most recent version of Chrome, in our case the official build 118.0.5993.71, can show another useful data, which we suspect you don’t know about consumption. RAM.

If you want this information to be displayed in the tab preview, enter Chrome’s test options via this web address: chrome://flags. Then type ‘memory usage on hovercards’ without quotes into the search engine. Click on Right side box and select the option enabled.

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Now simply Restart the browser Open three or four different tabs. As they load, move the cursor over them without clicking, and in addition to the preview you already know, you can see how RAM memory usage is known exactly of tab, which varies depending on whether more or less resources are required.

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