Bad Bunny’s “basic English” attracts ridicule; The memes of his new album are already there

Spongish spoken ” Bad rabbit During an interview on the red carpet of the MET Gala 2022, he unleashed ridicule on social media and they continue to fill him with memes due to the controversy over his dress.

Social media users have viralized an interview given in English to a singer who sang songs like “Safera”, “Yonaguni”, “You Don’t Know”, “DÁKITI”. They have to answer the basics themselves.

You can see in the video that he instinctively deletes the answers in Spanish from that sentence called “Bad Rapid” and tries to translate his answer into English and in other questions the reporter only repeats what he says with a smile.

Immediately began the criticism of many internet users because he “chews only half English”, others recognize him because of his basic English and his fans at least defend him by mentioning that he tries and understands himself.

Earlier, the translator had spoken about not following the standards set by the American Music Department and promised that he would never sing in English.

“Perhaps it was necessary, they opened the door to this Latin ascent, but that moment is over for me. I am so proud to have reached the level where we speak Spanish, not only in Spanish, but in Puerto Rico where we speak, without changing the pronunciation, we have to break the notion of the Gringos gods. , “Said the Recotton player in an interview.

Bad Bunny is also the king … memes

The costumes worn by the singer at the last MET Gala did not go unnoticed, which is why at the prestigious fashion event she wore a kind of brown dress with shoulder straps at her first appearance, starring with a helmet on her head. Royalty, which immediately unleashed memes on the networks.

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Puerto Rican, on the other hand, the most listened to artist on the music stage, screened his album “A Summer With You” this Friday, describing it as the “happiest” thing he has ever done in his life, and the public after he left it already had memes for and against mixing different types of music beyond the record. Unleashed.

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