Teddy Romero slams Molusco as “bad partner” with Burbu – Metro Puerto Rico

TV and Radio Presenter, Teddy RomeroThey hit hard George Babone “Mollusco” For the company’s handling of the situation in which Angelique Burgos “Burpu” was fired in 2018 Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) decided to terminate his contract.

Romero commented on the show PR Live (TeleOnes) About Molusco’s interview with singer Kissel Ortiz about her relationship with Burgos after the situation. Romero works at the station X and has been one of the leading female voices on radio, accusing Molusco of being a bad co-worker and vowing to leave with Purbu when the company fired her.

“I’ve been in radio for fifteen years, and one of the most successful and good women in radio is called ‘La Purbu.’ If you’re her co-worker and she’s about to be fired, all you can do as a gentleman is tell her, ‘You know, we’re both out.’ -, because that’s what co. – workers do. “I respect your decision very much, but for me it’s not gentlemanly, I’m sorry,” said Romero.

During the division he was also in Francis RosasHe hinted that Molusco “would have his reasons” after deciding not to go out with his partner, to which Romero replied, “His reasons, he always wants to be the protagonist.”

“No one here is going to force anything on me”: Molusco doesn’t want to work with Burpu

Although he did not reject them, the announcer George Babone “Mollusco” He vowed that at this point in his career he would never work with his former radio colleague again. Angelique Burgos “La Purbu” Not even their bosses in the company Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS).

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Meludali He responded to the comments expressed Rocky the Kid In the project “ban” He assured that the announcer was making moves to get Burgos to work with him.

“That’s a lie, you know it’s a lie” Babone admitted that he contacted Burgos to patch up past issues. “One thing is the adjustment and the other thing is that we’re going to build the radio together, which is a really expensive project for us,” Molusko said.

However, Molusco accepted that although he was not working with Burgos at this time and did not want to resume radiochemistry, he did not rule out the possibility.

“I could work with Burbu again, yes. “If I wanted to today, no,” the announcer said on his show. Molluscs and the kings of Bunda. “If you told me, I would move Molusco and the Kings of Punta to El Goldo, not La Pelua. It was already established because it was difficult for us, because at the historical moment of the fire of ‘El Goldo y La Pelua’, Pamela was on vacation, and I was with Robert Fantacuca and Pio. When alone, no. Someone here told us “it helped,” Molusko said.

The announcer also emphasized the process that took place after Burgos was fired in 2018 and how he had to fight back. Molluscs and the kings of Bunda It was accepted, and he was unwilling to abandon the project.

“I had SBS against me, people from here against me, the big managers believed in me and at the time I left Pam (Pamela Noah) and brought in Ali Warrington from Salsol and put Robert in and we got it done. When I analyzed all that we were going through, we were fighting with people outside here, people from here. You think I’m saying I should go back to the burbs? “No, I’m not crazy,” he said.

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However, he accepted the opportunity Angelique Burgos “That’s going to be a pain,” said Radio.

When asked by his partner Pamela Noah, Meludali He did not want to compare the success between the shows “El Goldo y la Pelúa” against “Molusco y los Reyes de la Punta” because they were not broadcast at the same time.

On the other hand, he accepted that there were civil wars early on in the project “El Goldo and Beluva” with Burgos.

For his part, Ali Warrington was with Molusco Salsol’s “The Kennel” He assured that it was the best companion the announcer had in his radio career. “I am your best mate Always, idiot. The numbers are there, the history is there,” Warrington said.

At the end of the conversation, Molusko assured his colleagues that he would never work with “Burbu” again if the SBS bosses imposed it.

“Tomorrow my bosses come and say, I want to join you Burbu, I told him I don’t want to, I’m not going, it’s on me because the bosses are not going to do what they want with me. Because there was a time when bosses could do whatever they wanted with me. I can decide now what I want to do with my career, here no boss is going to say, you’re going to be with Burbu, here nobody is going to impose anything on me… not even (Raul) Alarcon, nobody is going to impose anything on me, they can’t impose anything, They also don’t accept me imposing something on them, if we don’t make a decision I’ll leave here, I have no problem, but no boss is going to come here – you don’t have to be with Burbu – and I’m like, “I don’t want to, I don’t want to,” Molusko said.

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Molusco spoke to the singer on his YouTube channel Kissel OrtizA fellow from Burgos about the situation they encountered in 2018. In that interview he assured that his show “El Goldo y la Pelúa” was superior to their chemistry. “Burpu” And “Rocky the Kid”.

“What I’m going to say now is the truth, Rocky is cool with Parbu and everyone else. But she knew that Molusco and Burbu were on another level, she knew that,” Molusco said.

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