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Economy Minister Sergio Massa received, today, Friday, in the Belgrano Hall of the Hacienda Palace, 40 distinguished scientific figures who won the Conex Foundation Prize.

During the meeting, in which the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Vilmos, and the President of the CONEX Foundation, Luis Ovcevic, also participated, a discussion took place about the importance of science in the country’s economic and social development. .

“We will defend the value of science and research as a generation of resources, but above all, as a generation of human capital, which is the most valuable thing that any society can possess,” Massa assured the scientists present.

Along these lines, the Minister stressed that “it is important to appreciate what research and development represents in terms of a country’s development. There are small countries that have no production other than the talent of their people and have become rich countries.” Massa added: “We have hundreds of examples of situations in which the value of knowledge and capital has shifted Human research and research have led to economic development and changed the lives of millions of people in different societies.”

During the meeting, Vilmos stated that “being able to be together today with more than 40 scientists of this caliber, and knowing that almost all of them have achieved international recognition of some kind, makes us proud of the role of Argentine science in the world.” “

In this sense, the Minister of Science explained that “today we have come not only to discuss the need for long-term state policies, but also to reaffirm the country model that we want.” “The proposal is simple: destroy the state, science and technology, or add value to our production and be able to create A sovereign state, with state policies that ensure that researchers can work to solve the problems of our people.”

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In conclusion, Minister thanked Massa for the possibility of organizing a meeting that “demonstrates the importance and value he has always attached to science and technology.”

The 44th CONEX Prize delivery was the fifth dedicated to science and technology activity, having previously been considered in 1983, 1993, 2003 and 2013. On this occasion, the most prominent figures of the past decade (2013-2022) were honored in 21 specialties. Honor. Confirmed.

Also participating were the Curator of Scientific and Technological Expression, Juan Pablo Paz; Undersecretary for Institutional Evaluation, Pablo Nunez; Executive Secretary of the CONEX Foundation, Eugenio Giusto; CONICET principal investigator and full professor at the National University of Cuyo, Carlos Balseiro; and Nueva Comunicación agency partner, Corinna Tarini.

Among the prominent figures who attended the meeting were Markus Actis (Technological Development); Beatriz Aguirre-Ureta (paleontology); Jorge Aliaga (Covid-19 pandemic); Sebastian Amerisso (internal medicine); Jose Pellizan (Basic Biomedical Sciences); Raul Bertero (Engineering); Pedro Can (Public Health); Giuliana Cassataro (Covid-20 pandemic); Daniel de Florian (physics and astronomy); Alicia Dickenstein (mathematics); Gloria Dubner (physics and astronomy); Diego Fernandez Slezak (Information Science and Artificial Intelligence); Maria Cecilia Freire (Microbiology and Immunology); Jorge Geffner (Covid-21 pandemic); Mariano Jimenez (surgery); Fernando Goldbaum (Biotechnology); Gabriele Gondolesi (surgery); Abel Julio Gonzalez (Energy and Sustainability); Daniela Hosbauer (Microbiology and Immunology); Andris Kreiner (technology development); Marta Leiter (physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry); Hugo Menzella (biotechnology); Fernando Novas (paleontology); Sol Pedri (Energy and Sustainability); Diego Paul (paleontology); Gabriel Rabinovich (Microbiology and Immunology); Juan Bautista Rodriguez (organic chemistry); María Eugenia Rodriguez (Microbiology and Immunology); Ricardo Sanchez Peña (Engineering); Carlos Stortz (organic chemistry); Osvaldo Ochitel (Basic Biomedical Sciences); Sebastian Uchitel (Information Science and Artificial Intelligence); Alejandro Villa (biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology); Sergio Vizcaino (paleontology); Roberto Zeisler (Nanoscience and Analytical Chemistry).

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