Bruce McCandless, the astronaut who roamed unfettered in space

What feelings do you imagine you are floating in space? afraid? Loneliness? happiness? Good astronaut Bruce McCandless II of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Container) Live a unique experience floating without ties in space; This is the story.

An astronaut floating in space

On February 7, 1984, a astronaut Bruce McCandless The II was left floating without any sort of attachment in space, an event that has made a huge impact since it was recently shared by Container.

Not attached to his spacecraft, Bruce McCandless II, however, was able to venture untethered through the immense space due to a backpack propelled by a nitrogen jet, which NASA calls the Manning Manuvering Unit (MMU, English acronym).

Above the payload bay of the Space Shuttle Challenger Valiant astronaut He made a free 45-minute flight at a distance of 105 meters from the spacecraft.

During an interview in Madrid during 2010, Bruce McCandless Questioned about his achievement, asked if he feared something might go wrong with his space adventure, he replied no, and that he was quiet “because I designed the backpack”. Without a doubt, a man made history not only for the sake of science, but also for the sake of humanity.

In addition, McCandless was a sailor before becoming an astronaut, and in 1966 he became one of the nineteen astronauts of his choosing. ContainerHe was also a member of the Apollo 14 support crew and a replacement pilot for the mission’s first crew. Sky LabAmerica’s first space station. In addition, he contributed some great achievements to NASA. Buce McCandless passed away at the age of 80 in December 2017.

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