“It hurts me that Mexico has no memory”

Valentina de la Gusta, One of the daughters born in the cruel case of the clan Sergio Andrade, This week provided an honest interview for the project Tell me what you know. After his mother, Carla de la Gusta, Finally give her the details of how her dad’s world really was, the young actress wrote a song Nebular spectrum, There he threw away his feelings about it.

“At what point did I find everything? This year,” the young woman said honestly, because at the age of eleven she first saw herself in a magazine, in a photo with her mother. But when he asked her his father’s name, he said, “As soon as he told me his name, she got it Very very Wrong … “he told his mother:” Mention the name, you don’t need to explain anything to me “he revealed.

“One cannot be separated from one’s past because your past is yours. You do not have to live with condemning your past, but your thinking about the storm is not yet, no, it is behind you.” “

I.G. Valentina de la Gusta

After all, he understood that the press would always ask him only about one thing: “I knew I would always have to talk about it. Oh, how awesome, magazines are piling up on me. For me: I’m a piece of meat and a headline for magazines, “he commented.

He revealed three things that cost him the most to understand about the three things that affected him Android. First, he admitted, “Knowing what happened to your family is a very serious thing, always a very scary one.”

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Second, he spoke Gloria Trevy: “It hurts me that Mexico has no memory. Mexico has forgotten the actions of some of the people that people have here,” he said, raising his hand in a very respectful sign, acknowledging that “Mexico has forgotten it” and that it still created pain. He also revealed that he did not consider the victim of singer Andrade to be like his mother: “Wow, this is not a misrepresentation in any way or other.” Victim? It does not exempt you from what you have done. “

G. Gloria Trevy

Third, Valentina de la Costa faces strong emotions that confirm who her father is: “You know what? Half of your father and half of your mother. Your father knew he did what he did”, he commented on the verge of tears, “It’s very painful.”

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