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Biologists Jazmín Salazar and Rosana López, along with visual artist Marina Urrutia Trujano, have developed and promoted the Diálogo entre morres project, a meeting with a vision of tackling issues such as pandemic and environmental care, to learn how to do it. Childhood imagining.

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In an interview with FDS, Marina commented that this idea, from Milpas Banqueteras, recognizes children’s need to find spaces for coexistence and that the workshop they offer allows them a place for meeting, dialogue and expression.

“She talks about climate change, how the issue of the pandemic has been addressed at home and in schools, as children are beings who have a lot of knowledge, and they have an easy way to express themselves,” said Urrutia Trogano.

Marina commented that one of the objectives of the project is to provide a guide so that children, in addition to saying what they think or feel, can express themselves in a more playful way, so in this workshop the plastic part is incorporated through drawing and coloring.

Diálogo entre morres is a self-managed project, so far, although it is not excluded the possibility of searching for resources from institutions or companies to open the option of access to new places.

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“We have to salvage values ​​and become more aware through discussion, analysis and improvement of what we inherit and what we inherit,” Marina said.

Participants seek to promote the growth of this initiative and are open to this cycle that occurs through exchange or solidarity support to go to the state communities and address the central issues.

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So far, they have participated in various exhibitions, such as the Pulque and Maguey Cultural Festival with a Circle of Dialogue.

Facebook: Milpas Banqueteras and Collegiate InvCultura Hidalguense.

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