Samsung Chile inaugurates innovative experience space in Falabella Parque Arauco megastore – Samsung Newsroom Chile

The 107mt2 corner has 11 exhibition areas related to cutting-edge technology: screens, Smartphones, Galaxy ecosystem, TV, among others.

In the Falabella megastore, located in Parque Arauco, measuring 25 thousand square meters and recognized as the largest of its kind in South America, Samsung Electronics Chile installed a high-level experience space, in the category of what can be seen in recognized international technology fairs.

“It’s about a corner technological display icon different from what is known in department stores. It is a proposal oriented to the superior experience and different from what the user is used to seeing in retail stores ”explains Ricardo Falcón, Manager of Trade Marketing and Smartphone Shop Display at Samsung Chile

He adds that “in this space, with characteristics such as those that can be seen in international events, people will be able to live and experience in first person a level of interaction of our entire ecosystem to experience the innovation that our brand offers in mobile products and in the Lifestyle TV category ”.

The space has 11 zones. Here are some of them.

Screens, the protagonists

They highlight “Screen Wave” that offers a wave experience of screens of different inches that, using a Smartphone, show images of marine worlds and outer space in an interactive way that can be handled from a cell phone.

In the so-called “IM Movement Pillar” the user can be the protagonist of a synchronized experience with multiple cell phone screens to show content between all the teams.

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For its part, “TV Wall Mapping” is an interactive experience that, also with the help of a Smartphone, in the Lifestyle TV area, that is, where the Samsung The Frame, The Sero, The Serif or The Terrace televisions are located. For example, interactive backgrounds can be seen simulating different types of walls and showing the best combination for each home.

Types of telephone users and ways of working

A must-see is a mobile experience table, which in this innovative corner located in the Falabella megastore in Parque Arauco is called “U Table”, similar to the best Samsung exhibitions worldwide. There it is possible to know the latest in Smartphones and the perfect match with each user profile.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the installation of teleworking in people’s lives was a reality. Considering this modality, this new Samsung space did not want to leave it out of the experiences addressed. That is why in the “Home Office” area, users will be able to live an ecosystem experience of mobile and TV products that facilitate remote work.

What about the wearable experience?

In the “Smartwatches” area, it is possible, through an interactive game of tennis, that users can experience training supervision first-hand, for example in calorie measurement.

All of the above and more is available in this innovative corner to bring and show, through experience, all the innovation that Samsung offers in some of its product categories.

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