Paquita la del Barrio is in intensive care for her lungs

Concern among followers Pakkida of the neighborhood This time she is living, her lungs are dysfunctional, she shared with herself the most complicated situation that she had had outside the country.

According to the YouTube channel Arguende TV, their Reports They made the media and his followers so frustrated that while he was working abroad, he made sure those lungs worked for a moment and stopped oxidizing.

Of course she knows Scared Since she was out of Mexico, she returned to work thanks to the world situation that had not done so for months and years. Live shows.

Also due to his age, overweight and other circumstances his health was very much affected and he had to stay Intensive treatment, In the hospital, Something that froze everyone.

No one knows about this situation, CDMX came to the airport, came back from work, enjoyed this experience and now she is thinking about what she is going to do in these months.

Paquita la del Barrio / AFP

Paquita la del Barrio His fans were upset by this revelation and his current health. / AFP

Paquita la del Barrio is now a bit scared, taking care of herself as much as possible, wondering if it would be better to continue working or taking care of herself, this time a new variation appeared that could control multiple shows. And presentations by various artists.

The situation is very strong and very unfortunate, however, she has come back to the country and is alive, the most important thing is that she was able to cope with this situation and she will focus on her progress.

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