Director of the main Russian bank: “I do not believe in the career of Mark Zuckerberg”


7 dic 2021 14:57 GMT

The former Minister of Economic Development, German Gref, explained what is the biggest obstacle he sees in creating a virtual world of interaction.

Creating the metaverse is a task within reach of very few tech giants, and Meta’s efforts show that Mark Zuckerberg Still far from getting it, says German Gref, CEO of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia.

“It is possible that the metaverse is already a visible trend, but not a single metaverse has actually been announced, due to the fact that Technically no one has been able to move. I don’t believe in Zuckerberg’s Metaverse,” Rule Gref, during the Finopolis Financial Technologies Forum.

The manager, who has a good reputation for introducing and supporting technological innovations in his bank’s system Cryptocurrency, said that after the Facebook co-founder (Meta) presented about the metaverse, he went back to thinking about all of his products and Put on a virtual reality headset It was developed by Oculus, which is owned by Meta Corporation.

“I kept it for over an hour for the first time in my life, because before that I only needed 10 minutes max. I realized that, I don’t know, maybe, you have to wear it for a month and then you get used to it, but it’s uncomfortable. It’s a serious stress Even on adults.

The banker, who was Minister of Economic Development between 2000 and 2007, pointed out the problem of interfaces and announced that the technological barrier would be the main challenge for metaverse development for some time.

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“Entering into the metaverse should be easy and accessible and should not cause dizziness and other things that use of an Oculus or other helmet today does”It is to explain.

Gref believes that the key to the metaverse is to “build a platform with all its distinguishing features,” something very few organizations in the world can do.

At the moment, developments in this field will not bear fruit in the near future Limit yourself to “imperfect avatars and video games”In the end, though, he admits, “we’ll end up seeing each other out there,” no matter what we do.

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