PLD says Chamber of Accounts audits “coincide with sharp decline in government recognition”

Facing the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) “Abuses committed by various public institutions in an attempt to politicize the current administration”.

This was announced by its General Secretary Charlie Mariotti, During a press conference this Tuesday.

The company cited recent preliminary reports of audits and special hearings published by the Chamber of Accounts (CC), alleging that they were disclosed without completing the due process before the law.

The Secretary-General considered that there was no legal or constitutional basis for allowing the Ministry of Public Works to intimidate, intimidate and submit accounts to the House in accordance with its “peculiar requirements”.

“These actions show that identifying whether or not some kind of abuse has taken place is not a priority, but an attempt to conduct a media investigation,” Mariotti said.

The former senator also said the audits coincided with a sharp decline in government approval levels.

In the same vein, the Purple Party blamed the government “On the covers, in the media and on social media, try to win things that should only be presented before a judge.”.

Similarly, he questioned the attacks and insults of the PLD government’s efforts, saying that “persecution” was due to the “politicization of justice” whose sole purpose was to weaken the opposition.

Faced with questions and abuses allegedly committed by members of the political establishment, Mariotti reiterated that the party would act decisively and decisively in all cases of violation of due process, in public debate and in the judiciary.

“Dominican Liberation Party will not be idle”, Said the general secretary of the organization.

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Members of the political committee Margarita Pimentel, Andrés Navarro and José Dantés attended the press conference at his national residence.

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