Changing the look of “La Belidesida” from “Betty La Fia” is confusing networks

The famous 1999 Colombian soap opera “Yo Choi Box, La Fia” won the love of the public with its fun and moving story. The show’s heroines Ana Maria Orosco and Jorge Enrique Apollo, with the participation of stars such as Larna Zepeda, captivated the audience with the troubled character of Patricia Fernandez, known as ‘La Belidesida’.

The plot revolves around Beatrice Pinson, a gorgeous but very intelligent young woman who works as the secretary of Armando Mendoza, the head of Colombia’s most important fashion companies. Precisely one of his biggest rivals at ‘La Pelidesida’, he will do everything to snatch the position he has achieved with so much effort.

Although more than 20 years have passed since the first screening of the novel by Fernando Cayton, viewers have established “Yo Choi Box, La Phia” as one of the best productions of all time, and they feel romantic and its cast grows more and more every day. Lorna Zepita has more than 1.6 million followers on her Instagram account, she knows every event of her life, like the latest look change shows another aspect of her beauty.

Lorna Sepeda’s new vision

She stopped being blonde. The 50-year-old actress showed off her fans frantically Green mocha colored hair. Not afraid to face the new changes, Zepeda left the characteristic appearance of her character in fiction and tried a completely different tone.

“I was already eager to change this look, everything happened at the right time”, Mentioned on their social networks.

Shared on Instagram

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Part of the process of dyeing her hair was recorded in a video she posted on her profile Instagram, Where he was shown with the actress Juliana Calvis. Although this is an advertising clip, this is not the first time Colombians have shared how important it is to make a change from time to time:

“Dear ones like this, we often have to feel, we create our own happiness in the gray days.”

The truth is, the last pictures shown with her dark hair have crossed 70 thousand ‘likes’, which makes it clear that the public also wants her new look.

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