Daniel Chavez drove his followers crazy with fiery photos

Fan Eagles of America And the Chilean model, Daniella Chavez, He stole the gaze of his followers, with his most recent photo, he raised the temperature in the most extreme way with nothing above, showing his angelic beauty.

Through your official account Instagram, The Andean model, shared a series of postcards, where he did not allow much for imagination, expressed too much, and caused the delight of his followers who did not take much time to express their likes and dislikes for the statue.

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“Question: Which powder is better? Morning, Borrachரா, Reconciliation or Farewell ?; Eagles of America fan questioned in his post.”

Daniel is a famous athlete who became famous by exposing an affair with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as learning how to exploit his relationship with Chile football, where he is already the captain of the second division team, in addition to international football.

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