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If a footballer regularly appears in the media, he or she usually has to play football with the respective team for problems related to his or her life or every weekend or day of events, but In recent weeks he has been the protagonist of several headlines in the press for his emotional situation .

As is known around the world, Amidst a series of rumors of betrayals and other compromising circumstances, no confirmation has been received from any of the protagonists, so it is natural for journalists to want to know the respective statements.

That’s why those involved and their relatives have received media attention in recent weeks, and there are even communicators talking to them to get some answers. Barcelona Recently. Unfortunately, his reaction could not have been better.

Shakira and Gerard Pique had a 12-year relationship that ended in 2022 amid various rumors (Photo: EFE)

Gerard Pique’s reaction to a speech by a journalist

Press Jordi MartinRegarding the project “Fat and leanUnivision had many details about meeting Shakira’s ex-boyfriend. It started while he was waiting for him at his parents’ house, and then followed him to the airport in Barcelona, ​​where he would board a plane to an unknown place.

Precisely in the pictures shown on TV, you can see the athlete, with his two children, rushing through the airport facilities as he escapes from the press, until the video suddenly interrupts.

At the time, PK snatched his phone, in which he recorded everything, threw it to the ground, and damaged it, according to the reporter. He also points out that it contains insults that are not enough.

Shakira’s environment

Shakira, who knows about her father’s health, who is in critical condition, apart from coping with her separation, stays away from the media, but the same journalist was able to talk to her mother for a few seconds.

The woman was asked about her husband’s health and although he did not provide further details, she said it was improving over time.

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