Seismic Director: “We can face an earthquake at any time, we have to be ready”

The director of the seismic center at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo warned that we could hold seismic events at any time in the country, so we must be prepared.

Seismologist Raman Delanoi explained that what happened in Haiti with two powerful earthquakes in a decade was caused by seismic pressures off the island of Hispaniola.

He argued that seismic rebirths are generally said to be 50 to 100 years old, but with these two earthquakes in Haiti in 11 years, it is seen to be inconsistent with reality.

Interviewed on Sunday in the United States on the D’Zenta show telecast by Telechistema Canal 11 and TV Quizzeka, the university professor cited as an example what happened in the country from 1751 to 1770.

He emphasized that there were two earthquakes in the vicinity of Ashua, with a difference of 19 years, and that the last earthquake in the South Central region, considered to be of equal or greater magnitude, was the 1860 earthquake. In the eastern part. The magnitude 6.9 tsunami in 1984 did not cause much damage in San Pedro de McCormack, except for a few catastrophes.

“As far as we know, the island has been under great tension as a result of being between the North American plate and the Caribbean plate, and as a result we have suffered countless failures, such as the last two earthquakes. In Haiti, this is the Enriqueville-banana plantation,” the expert explained.

He argued that this error extends throughout southern Haiti and that it will affect us in the Barahona and Assuwa areas as well.

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“In the north we have contact with the North American plate, which is called the Puerto Rico Trench on the surface of Puerto Rico.

The director of the earthquake defined that earthquakes that occur as a result of tectonic forces can manifest at one point on the island and then at another.

“75 years ago, on August 4, 1946, there was a massive earthquake on the island that created a tsunami and devastated the city of Madancida in Nagoya. In the same area, that is, from 1943 to 1953, over a period of ten years, there were five earthquakes of more than 6.5 degrees. The whole region. Northeast, “he recalled.

He defined these earthquakes as normal on the island, with no recurrence between 50 and 75 years between one earthquake and another.

The director of the seismic center at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo said, “We can face an earthquake event at any time. We must be prepared.”

Delanoi says most public buildings and RD homes are not built to withstand earthquakes

The director of the seismic center at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo warned that most homes and public and private buildings in the country had not been built to withstand the earthquake that occurred in Haiti over the past decade. Hundreds of thousands of deaths and millionaire damage to their economy.

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