Seiko Perez calls into question Red Bull’s strategy in Qatar GP

Seiko Perez says they went to a stop at the Qatar GB and were able to finish on stage.

Czech Perez He recommended the decisions made in his life directly to his team Qatar Grand Prix He finished fourth without being able to return to the podium.

then what Czech Perez The final line of the circuit will be crossed in three seconds Fernando Alonso, Has no hesitation in admitting that he is his engineer Hugh bird It was a mistake to push him into the 42nd lap, thus having to return from the seventh.

On the radio Hugh bird He commented to Seko that the Asturian had in his favor the virtual security car shown in the last three rounds as Nicholas Latifi was on one side of the track. “Fernando saved Alonso (VSC),” said the British engineer.

Do not leave this Czech Perez, Who directly pointed out the bad strategy that existed this Sunday. “No, I think we made a mistake today [con la estrategia], Friend “.

Czech Perez He finished fourth because Valteri Potas was unable to finish the race. Previously, during your first job, your middle rubber broke due to heavy use.

That’s because of incidents like this Red bull Deciding not to take risks with his pilots, he called them to a second stop and made a third race with the middle rubber after using the hard rubber, while Seko was already installed on the platform and he had to go. To the pits.

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By your account Twitter The person from Guadalajara admitted that the fourth place was an important place, but “I already missed the stage!”

“We gave it our all !!! In the end VSC snatched the opportunity from the podium, but 4th place was better than anything! Good points for the team and we carry all of the last two (races).

Sergio Perez, beyond strategy, agreed that he should also change his driving style because they thought of a stop at first.

“I think it’s not clear to us either, because we changed strategy, we went to a stop, and then two. We changed, I think we’re worried about how the tires sounded.

Finally, he admitted that he was glad to see Fernando Alonso on stage. “I’m glad to see Fernando on stage.”

The distance between now Sergio Perez and Voltaire Potas This is 13 points, so the last two races could help Czecho finish third, and it depends on the combination of results to finish third at the World Championships.

However, Red bull Will be 5 points from Mercedes In the struggle for the world title of builders.

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