Arica Port Company begins construction of a New Space for Attention of Cruise Ship Passengers and Crew Members

The policy indicated in this document is intended to inform users of Maritime World on the procedure of our company regarding the treatment of personal data collected through our portals.

1 | Harvest:

When you require the services of MundoMaritimo, personal information such as your name, rout, address, etc., is collected through email or forms. Our site does not currently use cookies to record or collect user information, but, at any time and at its sole discretion and without the need for authorization, use them, undertaking to give the treatment and protection indicated above to said data.

What the collected information is used for.

All the information collected from users in MundoMaritimo aims to:

(1) Provide services, content and personalized advertising to the user when browsing the MundoMaritimo portals

(2) Conduct internal studies on the demographics, interests and behavior of our users. The information is used to better understand and serve our users.

2. Usage:

These data that you provide freely and voluntarily, are intended to provide a better service, information and utilities to our users. You have the right not to agree to deliver them, renouncing the benefits that our website delivers.

If you decide to provide such data, we bind you to maintain a clear and regular conduct, subject to the policy that we express below, of which you are informed and that you accept.

Our policy regarding the data collected is as follows:

The responsibility for the veracity of the data collected in this way is exclusive to the user.

3. Security:

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We maintain an Off-Line database, which assures its clients total privacy, with respect to the data provided to MundoMaritimo.

On the other hand, a recognized external provider of connectivity and hosting services duly certified, “hosts” our sites on its web servers, 365 days a year, seven days a week and twenty-four hours, which ensures that our site has the least possibility of “falling” on the web or intrusions of “hackers” that violate our Portal.

4. Quality:

Without prejudice to the responsibilities that correspond to the user, MundoMaritimo will take special care when collecting, maintaining, using, publishing or distributing the personal information linked to users and visitors, verifying that the data is correct, complete and adequate to fulfill the purposes for which they will be used.

5. Modification:

The user who has previously delivered data or personal information to MundoMaritimo, may request its modification, correction or elimination, by sending an email to [email protected], indicating his name, rout, address, telephone number, and clearly expressing the information of the that you have delivered you want to modify or delete.

In any case, and as a security measure, MundoMaritimo reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the communication.

6. Publication and exchange:

MundoMaritimo, as a general rule, will not transfer, assign, sell or otherwise provide your personal data to any person. MundoMaritimo could transfer, reveal or assign the data collected to its users, to third parties according to the following circumstances:

(1) In case of having the explicit approval of the user, their personal data may be used by third parties for the purposes of direct marketing, telephone calls, to send emails, among others. The user has the right and the option to deny the receipt of this information by third parties.

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(2) In the case of “business contacts”, your personal data may be used by third parties only for the purpose of completing and executing the transaction that led to the delivery or collection of that information.

(3) That information that is required by law, a court order or other legally valid procedure that requires it.

7. Use of information linked to third parties:

In case of having the corresponding approval, MundoMaritimo will use the user’s information to communicate and inform them, through email, about:

(1) Modifications to its existing services or products, appearance of new services or products, or others specified by the user.

(2) Information, offers or any type of marketing promotion that MundoMaritimo may grant to the user.

(3) User suggestion about, “Recommend this news to a friend”

8. Services provided by third parties on the site:

Eventually, MundoMaritimo may contract the services of external companies, in order to deliver new services and products through this website. The information collected, where appropriate, by said companies, will be governed by the agreement of the user of the same.

If you have any doubts or questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected]

9. Associated advertising

Regarding advertising services or promotional information, in order to present you with associated services that may be of interest to you, we have links with other companies that we allow to place advertising on our pages. These companies could individually request your information directly with you, being their sole responsibility for the handling and manipulation of this information.

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Finally, MundoMaritimo does not guarantee the privacy of the user’s personal information, if the user supplies or disseminates information in public telephone directories, press reports, publications, chat rooms, newsletters or other similar ones. Such information may be collected by third parties, with or without your consent. The user discloses this information at his own risk.

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