Sir Moran Neustra Belize Latina was crowned in 2021, the first Honduran to reach it.

Miami, United States.- Proud of Cadrocho! Honduran Sir Moran Was crowned the winner of tonight Our Latin Beauty 2021, Thus taking the crown Michelis Castellanos, The last winner of the competition.

She defeated three other finalists, Fabian Lorenzio, Genesis Zuro and Lupita Valero in the talented young Honduran beauty pageant.

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After nine weeks of competition, Sir Moran overcame various acting, dancing and catwalk challenges and advanced to the finals of the competition along with other participants.

He has joined the public with his talent, charisma and humility, making him one of the favorites of referees and spectators in recent weeks.

Emotional support for Honduras

During the finals, Sir Moran was thrilled to see the support of Honduras, where hundreds of families supported their country’s new queen. Our Latin beauty.

The Honduran woman did not hold back her tears and thanked her family, friends, colleagues and the general public for all the support she provided during the beauty pageant.

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Here is the moment of revelation:

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