Kanye West lashes out at Kim Kardashian: “He treated me like trash”

It was recently learned that Kanye West had spoken insultingly of his ex-wife and mother of her children. After ten years of relationship, the artist feels “grateful to have finished with her”.

From “he realized that Kim Kardashian’s obsession with fame was able to destroy him”, sources close to Kanye testified to Star magazine that the rapper did not go to his best moment.

The source assured the media that he “regrets staying with her as long as he has,” especially since she “treated him like garbage for years.”

According to the source, the lifestyle, fame and money of Kardashian and his family were some of the reasons that led him to accept secession because he was tired and angry at staying in the “ridiculous” world. In it they lived as a couple, “constantly surrounded by drama.”

Evidence concluded his conversation with Star magazine by making it clear that the businessman and singer would never meet Kim again under any circumstances, and that he was the one who decided to break up with her, and that he was now “thankful” for finishing everything.


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