Science and technology in abandonment: José Alberto Alonso

José María Morelos.- The COVID-19 pandemic evidenced the abandonment that the Mexican government has in terms of science and technology, where the 2021 budget is insufficient for scientific research, innovation projects or the creation of new developments that help out the country from the health and economic crisis it suffers.

Indicated the candidate for federal deputy of Va Por México, José Alberto Alonso Ovando, who said that Mexico cannot depend on foreign laboratories to face health crises such as the one caused by COVID-19 and that the potential of young students must be harnessed. to support them in innovation and scientific research projects by awarding excellence scholarships.

Currently, the average investment of the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in science and technology is 2.4% in relation to the gross domestic product (GDP); However, Mexico allocates only 0.38%, which has to be increased in the 2022 federal budget and for this the respective management must be carried out.

The youth candidate, José Alberto Alonso Ovando, pointed out that the monthly support that in Quintana Roo the federal government allocates to young researchers is ridiculous, which goes between 24 and 36 thousand pesos a year and many times, as in 2020, they do not receive it. paid in full, for which he pledged to be a manager of resources that support science and technology

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